How I Wiki

Three small scripts, three big results.

Let me share with you three small scripts to improve your Wikipedia reading. I created these for myself a few years ago and have enjoyed them ever since. I didn’t share them back then so I guess why not do it now?

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Visualizing My Photo Library

Spotting trends in 19k photos.

I keep the majority of my photos in my iCloud photo library. It keeps growing steadily with a total of 18 868 photos in there currently. I wanted to make some sense of all that data and see my photo-taking habits visualized.

So let’s chart how and when I take photos.

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I Made An App

Publishing my first iOS app on the App Store.

A while ago, I published my first app on the App Store, Frame Grabber. It’s a simple iOS app that lets you export individual frames of a video as still images. Pick a video in your photo library, pick a frame, hit share, done.

Here are my reflections on developing and releasing the app.

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5 Years of Home Screens

Putting together monthly iOS home screens of the last 5 years.
All home screens of the past five years.

About five years ago, I started taking one screenshot of my iPhone home screen each month and archiving it. I really don’t know why but I just kept doing it. With 2018 coming to and end, it was time to sit down and put all home screens together. The result is a curious cross section of my iPhone usage history.

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Plotting Weight on iOS

Plotting Apple Health samples with Shortcuts and Pythonista.
Generated weight chart
Generated chart with Shortcuts and Pythonista.

Sporadically, I log my weight into Apple Health on my phone. I want to see my weight charted over time but I don’t like to keep yet another app around for this purpose. This is better solved with some iOS automation and the Shortcuts app.

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Emoji Fragmentation

An iOS shortcut to compare emojis across platforms.
Example of emoji fragmentation with the Drooling Face emoji.
The Drooling Face emoji appears content, happy, surprised or even shocked depending on platform and time. Images: © Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft

The term Emoji Fragmentation describes two issues when dealing with emojis:

  1. Different platforms and versions thereof support different sets of emojis.
  2. The same emojis look differently across platforms and versions thereof.
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Alfred File Actions++

Bringing Alfred's File Actions to all apps.
Alfred File Actions
File Actions in Finder.

Alfred’s file actions are one of my most used features of the app. They allow you to quickly perform actions on the selected file in Finder like moving, deleting, sharing. I’ve always wanted this feature for other apps not just for Finder.

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Counting Mountain Summits with Strava

Figuring out how often I've climbed this one mountain.
The Brocken summit

There’s a small mountain near me that I’ve probably summited dozens of times so far. I don’t keep track but I’ve always been curious about the exact number. Let’s find out.

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