Last Light

An iOS Workflow to tell me when it's going to be dark outside.
Dark Trails

What do you do when you look for a niche app with a specific set of requirements but can’t find one that you like? You make a Workflow.

This workflow does one thing: It tells you when it’s going to be dark outside today. By dark I don’t mean sundown, I mean dark dark or Civil Dusk. I wanted this for when I plan my evening activities. Mostly it’s about finding a good running or walking route for the amount of daylight left.


The apps I tried missed the mark in several ways:

The workflow, on the other hand, does everything I need perfectly. It instantly replaced the app I previously used for this niche use case. Which really is a testament to the importance of Workflow for the iOS automation environment. Now that it’s acquired by Apple, I hope it sticks around for as long as possible.

The solar data is obtained from the Sunrise Sunset API. To speed up the result, I hard-coded the location in the workflow. Alternatively, you could let Workflow geolocate you dynamically on every request.

Get the Last Light workflow here.