5 Years of Home Screens

Putting together monthly iOS home screens of the last 5 years.
All home screens of the past five years.

About five years ago, I started taking one screenshot of my iPhone home screen each month and archiving it. I really don’t know why but I just kept doing it. With 2018 coming to and end, it was time to sit down and put all home screens together. The result is a curious cross section of my iPhone usage history.


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I thought this would be more interesting. Just looking at the screenshots and types of apps, there don’t seem to be significant changes in how I’ve used my phone over the past five years. Well, onto the next five years!

Home Screen Shortcut

I probably wouldn’t have stuck with collecting home screens this long if it weren’t for this shortcut I created. It makes the entire process quick and easy. The shortcut takes the home screen image as input, adds it to a specific photo album and then archives it to Day One along with some additional metadata (iOS version, device type).