One Year on the App Store

Looking back on Frame Grabber, my first iOS app.
Frame Grabber review and analytics.

A year ago on this day, I released my first iOS app on the App Store, Frame Grabber. I wrote about how I made Frame Grabber here.

Since the release, I’ve barely touched the code base again. I actually had plans for versions 1.1 through 1.3, at least. Version 1.1 was almost ready but then I stopped working on it. While I was using Frame Grabber from day to day I realised I didn’t have any need for new features. It’s a utility app that does the job it’s designed for very well. It’s quick, light and simple. Bug reports from active users were lacking and those features that were actually requested were out of the scope of the app. There was nothing to do.

One thing I also didn’t do until now is look at the analytics page in App Store Connect. Here it is:

Frame Grabber Analytics.

The app is free, so no cash for me. Apart from that, I had no expectations. I didn’t promote the app publicly, I barely announced it to my friends. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it took up a small but active user base. And downloads are slowly growing.

One thing I’m especially proud of: There was not one single crash in the entire year!

Frame Grabber Analytics.

The waiting time is over, however. iOS 13 is being released in a few days and it brings a ton of changes Frame Grabber needs to support. I’m excited to dig back into the code base. Frame Grabber is open source so you can too.

Download on the App Store.