This Site is Open Source

This site is now open source.

I wanted to have this done a while ago. When I first made this site, I threw it together in haste and hesitated in putting it out there. I finally got around to cleaning up the site, properly putting it under version control and updating the deployment process.

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Last Light

An iOS Workflow to tell me when it's going to be dark outside.
Dark Trails

What do you do when you look for a niche app with a specific set of requirements but can’t find one that you like? You make a Workflow.

This workflow does one thing: It tells you when it’s going to be dark outside today.

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Speeding up Your Menu Bar

Finding menu bar items by searching.

I don’t use a lot of shortcuts. I know a core set I for my most used applications but that’s about it. My problems with shortcuts are:

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Man Page for Alfred

A workflow that documents your workflows.

Update June 2019: This workflow was built for Alfred 3. Alfred 4 now comes with a native feature very similar to this.

Alfred is the one most indispensable app on my system. In essence, it is a file launcher similar to Apple’s Spotlight but it allows you to do so much more. Its power comes from user-defined workflows with full scripting support that can do any number of things.

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Quiet Links

A CSS stylesheet to mute distracting links for focused reading.
XKCD 214
Source: XKCD

Quiet Links is my answer to the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole. It is a stylesheet to quiet down links on pages to help you focus on reading.

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Hacking Hacker News

A userscript to add context to comment pages.

Update December 2016: This feature finally made it natively into Hacker News. This userscript is now obsolete.


This userscript adds a button to a Hacker News comment site to bring you back to the full thread.

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Instant Catloaf

Automating lifting my mood with IFTTT, Workflow and cats.

For a quick pick-me-up, I sometimes browse the catloaf forum. At catloaf is a cat that looks like…a loaf. There is just something special about those goofy cats.

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Making Table of Contents for GitHub

Reflecting on the Table of Contents for GitHub browser extension.

I thought I’d reflect a bit on making Table of Contents for GitHub while it’s still fresh in my mind.

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